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Holidays, accommodation and leisure

On the whole there is no reason why you shouldn’t take part in any leisure activity. However you do want to make sure that you can access all the facilities, such as accommodation, any attractions and entertainment facilities.

Holidays and accommodation

If you’re planning to get away, either in the UK or abroad, and you’d like a bit of help in making sure your holiday is what you want, don’t feel that you’re alone. There are a number of specialist organisations that will help you book the right holiday.

Additionally, in the UK there is the National Accessible Standards for tourist accommodation. The Standard is going through a review at the time of writing of this leaflet, but it gives accommodation up to three different ratings:

  1. Mobility – how accessible the accommodation is for people with mobility impairment.
  2. Hearing level – whether it meets the needs of people with a hearing impairment.
  3. Visual level – whether it meets the needs of people with a visual impairment.

For more information contact Visit Britain (the English Tourism Council) website. They have a search function that allows you to find accommodation using the accessibility rating. Alternatively contact Tourism For All, the UK’s central source of information on travel and holidays for disabled people in the UK and abroad.


After dealing with work, your house, various benefits and having a holiday, you probably need a break and a way to relax and may be thinking of a leisure activity to unwind with.

If you’re after something physically challenging, there are various sports organisations for the disabled. The sports they cover include, water-skiing, horse riding and scuba diving to name but a few. Ultimately, you are the best guide to what you can or can’t do. If it hurts, stop. Remember, if ever in doubt about whether you should take part, talk to your GP, physiotherapist or the instructor at the sports facility – just remember that he or she understands what CMT is.

To find some local disability sports clubs, click here or for the English Federation of Disability Sport, click here.

For a more sedate approach to leisure time, there are numerous art-based organisations about to help you enjoy culture, even if you do have difficulty getting around.

Or, if you’re after ways of staying in the garden there are companies that can help you with specially designed tools and techniques. One of them, the charity Thrive, offers a range of advice and information, including a website at

It is just not possible to go through all leisure activities, but your local organisation of people with disabilities may help you with activity that gives you most pleasure.

You can also contact your local authority social services department and leisure department to see what is available. Many swimming pools and sport centres have special facilities and organised sessions especially designed for people with a disability.




Date updated:  21/05/2013


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