If you get Personal Independence Payments (Disability Living Allowance is available for under 16s to help with mobility issues) at the enhanced Mobility Component then you may be able to get a car through the Motability scheme. You may even be able to get a Motability grant to enable you to have driving lessons and drive at age 16 instead of 17. The Motability scheme will pay for your car, insurance, tax and repairs.

However , what would be more useful – keeping your PIP money and having a free bus pass, or a car? Most 17 year old drivers have to be the designated driver on nights out, being a taxi service for their drunken friends (drunken 18 year old friends of course…)

Cars – manual or automatic? There are lots of options and even options for those who may prefer hand controls rather than standard foot controls.

Buses & Public Transport

Free bus passes – Most local transport authorities run a free bus pass scheme whereby for a veryLondon_Bus small fee, you are issued with a disabled travel pass allowing you free local travel after 9.30am. Check out with your local bus station. And if you get PIP as mentioned above, the bus pass should be free.

Cheap train journeys – Young person’s railcard also gives 33% but with a disabled card you can get money off for your ‘helper’. Go to www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk to find out how!

Blue badges – If you get the enhanced or standard rate of mobility component of PIP then you can easily get a blue badge which will enable you or anybody who is driving you, nearer to your destination or in disabled parking spaces. If you don’t get PIP then you may still get a blue badge, just contact your local council and ask to apply for a blue badge and you will have to either have a quick examination by a Doctor or your own GP may write you a letter to support your application.

Getting a driving licence – no matter how old you are, when you fill out the form to get a driving licence YOU MUST tick the box that says you have a disability. If you don’t, you could be in serious trouble. Don’t worry, they won’t stop you driving, but you will have to fill out an extra form and they will check with your doctor that you are fit to drive. It’s just a formality but a very important one.

And the last important thing to remember. Get a CMT UK sticker for your car!

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Last Updated: Monday 17th December, 2018