Research Award 2022

We delighted to announce applications for our new research award for 2022 are now open.

The initiation, co-ordination, promotion and support of research into CMT is one of CMTUK’s core objectives.  The overall ambition of this objective is to improve the lives of people with CMT, through research into effective treatments, aids and ultimately a cure.  By adopting a pragmatic research strategy, we endeavour to support research projects that utilise our funds for the maximum benefit for our members.

We are looking to support research projects that are UK-based or UK collaborations focused on any CMT- related topics. To be considered for support proposed projects should fulfil one of two criteria:

  1. Have demonstrable anticipated benefits to our members within 5 years
  2. Have the potential to stimulate future research in a CMT related subject


The above criteria would particularly suit translational research and pilot studies but other studies fulfilling the afore mentioned criteria would be considered.

We are offering grant applications of up to a maximum of £15K over a period of no longer than two years. There will be a limit of two awards per year.

The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2022.

How to apply:

Complete the application form and submit via the email link below:

For any further questions about any aspect of the research grant please contact


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Last Updated: Tuesday 22nd March, 2022