The CMT UK Appeal 2020. Can You Help?

Why the Appeal?

The coronavirus pandemic has touched every single one of us in some way this year. Understandably, because of social distancing safety measures, many fundraising events have had to be cancelled or postponed this year. This has really affected fundraising income for thousands of charities, like CMT UK.

What is the Appeal?

The #CMTUKAppeal is launching from 1st July 2020 and aims to ‘plug the gap’ in our fundraising income shortfall this year.  We are aiming to raise £5,000 by 31st October 2020.

Why Help?

Our members are living with CMT, a hereditary condition that damages the peripheral nerves, which means that their muscles become progressively weaker over time, particularly in their hands and feet (click here for more details about CMT). As a small but national-reaching UK charity, we rely on fundraising donations, on top of our membership fees, to help us to provide essential services to our members and make health professionals more aware of the condition.

We are asking for your help. Please consider donating or fundraising to help us reach our goal.


The #7DayActiveChallenge


It is really important for people living with CMT to exercise or keep active (within their own limits), to maintain their muscle mass. We have set up this #7DayActiveChallenge to help towards keeping active whilst fundraising towards the #CMTUKAppeal. The aim is to complete 7 days of activity or exercise between 1st July – 31st October 2020. For example, you could look to achieve a set number of steps, or take part in a particular exercise over the 7 days, such as walking, chair-based exercises or even yoga*!  You choose what activity is right for you, based on your own fitness level, limits and ability…

How to Get Involved

There are 3 ways you can get involved with the #CMTUKAppeal.

Make a one-off donation


Take part in our ‘#7DayActiveChallenge’ to fundraise for our #CMTUKAppeal.  You choose what activity is right for you, based on your own fitness level, limits and ability…


Create your OWN fundraiser for our #CMTUKAppeal (Click here for some fundraising ideas inspiration)


Other Ways to Help

Social Media
Feel free to follow us on social media and view all our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (with the campaign hashtags #CMTUKAppeal, #7DayActiveChallenge and, during October, #CMTawarenessmonth).
Shares of our posts are especially appreciated to spread the word further…


Consider becoming a member
Our membership schemes are available to everyone affected by CMT in the UK; it only costs £27 a year to join. Click here for more information


How your donation will help

You can make a big difference by donating to/ fundraising for the #CMTUKAppeal. Here’s how your donation will help:

  • £5 can go towards providing a free awareness pack, with details about coping with the condition and how our charity provides support (If you would like to request a free pack, contact us here);
  • £10 can go towards providing an essential telephone helpline manned by experienced staff;
  • £25 can go towards supporting our community, whether that is organising regular conferences, health and wellness events, or providing regular member newsletters (ComMenT);
  • £50 can go towards raising awareness amongst the general public with our annual Awareness Month in October, reaching out to people living with CMT who may not have heard of our charity; or reaching out to people who may not realise that they are living with CMT although they may benefit from our help;
  • £75 can go towards educating medical professionals and organising professional conferences;
  • £100 can go towards funding funding the annual conference.

Thank you…

As a token of our appreciation, if your donation or fundraising reaches £100 or more, we will send you a free t-shirt; or a pen or wristband if your donation or fundraising reaches £25 or more. (Please ensure that you agree for us to keep in touch with you when setting up your Justgiving fundraiser/ donation, so we can arrange to contact you from November to send your thank you gift.)

CMT UK T-shirtCMT UK wristband


As a small charity, we keep all our costs to a minimum, so any donation or fundraising, however big or small, will make a huge difference in making up this year’s shortfall.  If you are able to support us in any of the ways above, it would make a BIG difference to our charity and our members – THANK YOU.

CMT UK is a founding member of the European CMT Federation.


Please make sure you are physically able to take part in this challenge and set your own safe, realistic goal and activity. Please do not feel any pressure to keep active for 7 consecutive days; keeping active for 7 days spread over a longer period is absolutely fine. Please follow the government lockdown and social distancing guidelines. Disclaimer: please check with a suitable medical professional before carrying out exercise.

Last Updated: Friday 26th June, 2020