Would you like to become a member of CMTUK but don’t know what benefits you’ll receive?

Becoming a CMTUK member today will give you access to news of research programmes in more detail, as well as resources for managing CMT.  Plus your donation will help CMTUK support those living with CMT.

Read on to find out more about the benefits CMTUK membership offers…

CMTUK Helpline for members1. Unlimited access to the CMTUK Helpline

Support from trained staff offering factual, practical, and emotional support. We never rush a call as we know and understand the needs of the CMT community with this complex condition. We are more than happy to set up a zoom meeting if an individual is suffering with slight hearing loss and we are happy to answer any questions from carers, family members, employers, and schools.


2. Practical help and benefit guides

CMTUK will provide help with different schemes you may be entitled to, including DLA (Disability Living Allowance), PIP (Personal Independence Payment), AA (Attendance Allowance), ESA- Universal Credit, Carers Allowance, Warm Home Discount Scheme, Council Tax Disabled Band Reduction Scheme, Blue Badge, Driving and DVLA, Priority Register and Disabled Facilities Grant.


3. Leaflets

We have an assortment of leaflets we can send you, which will help you maintain your CMT, for example guides on Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Orthotics, shoes and information for schools.


4. Priority Events

As a member, you’ll receive priority notice of events when booking tickets to attend the Annual CMTUK Conference, where we invite top CMT medical professionals to talk about the latest research and practical help for people living with CMT. Members will also be given a chance to send in their questions on research to leading CMT professional, Professor Mary Reilly, who will answer these questions at specially organised events.  You will also have a chance to join health and wellbeing days and occasional days out.


5. Regular Communications

You’ll receive a copy of ComMenT magazine, which is packed full of interesting articles and news.
You’ll also receive e-newsletters from our Chief Executive with the latest news and updates on the Charity.


6. CMT Kids & Teens

Our CMT Kids group is very active – we hold activity camps for the 11–18-year-olds and day trips for the younger ones such as Legoland, the Zoo and the aquarium. CMT Kids also hold regular Quiz Nights or Games Nights on Zoom.  Much fun is had by all within a safe, supportive environment.  The activity camps are amazing, and the children learn how to be more independent and confident and form long lasting friendships with others with the same condition. Children feel less alone and can talk freely and ask questions. Members will have access to the “Members Only” CMT Kids Support Group with their own Facebook page.


7. Facebook Members Pages

As a member, you’ll have access to the “Members Only” area of our website and the Members Facebook Group. We have a Facebook group for Parents & Carers and Members, which is a great source of support within a safe environment.


8. Regional Support Groups

As a member, you can join our Regional Support Groups, that meet regularly throughout the UK. Meetings are held both online using Zoom and occasional in person meetups held locally. It is a great way to keep in touch with others with  CMT and you will be able to talk freely and hopefully feel less alone. The groups are run by our volunteers and, on occasions, one of the team from the office will attend.


CMTUK Helpline9. Alert card

You can keep this important card with you, which explains the symptoms of CMT – ideal for when attending medical appointments or in a medical emergency.



How Much Does Membership Cost?

CMTUK strives to be an inclusive charity and to make membership accessible to all those living with CMT and related conditions or with an interest in CMT.  In order to achieve this, membership from October 2023 is donation based with a recommended amount of £30 per year or £3 per month.  (Overseas members may be asked to cover any additional costs).

Membership is per person; children under 18 years can join under their carer’s adult membership.


Who Can Join?

Anyone living with CMT, or with an interest in CMT, who lives in the UK or overseas, can become a member of CMTUK.


How to Join

To receive all the benefits listed above, please click the button below.  Once you have filled out your details, we will be in touch to set up your membership for you so you can start enjoying all the benefits as quickly as possible and be part of our membership community.

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Last Updated: Thursday 7th September, 2023