Things to consider when you’re applying for a particular uni:

  • How close is the accommodation to lectures?
  • Would you be living in a specialist disabled complex or integrated with normal students (More likely to have a decent bar!)?
  • Can you take your car?  Where will you park?

To access help through Disabled Students Grants, tick the relevant box on your UCAS application.


Uni’s are more accessible than schools and have a huge budget for equipment – Dictaphone’s, laptops, printers, etc. Just be careful you don’t end up carrying tons up equipment around in order to avoid carrying tons of books!  If you need this sort of help, get in touch with the disability access office (or whatever they call it at your uni, as soon as possible – you’d be surprised what they can get for you)


Started by people who are freakishly enthusiastic about Frisbee throwing, attended by people who wanted a free pen… There will be something there for you and if not why not start the first nudist’s bridge club?

Check out this excellent guide to the challenges that University poses for people with disabilities, created by MDC’s Trailblazers – it won’t be appropriate for everyone, and remember most types of muscular dystrophy are far more severe than CMT, but it’ll give you some useful pointers.

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Last Updated: Monday 17th December, 2018