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Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK is a growing charity supporting patients suffering from CMT and an integral part of our strategy is to raise funds to support research.  Our funds may be modest – we have £20,000 to disburse – but with appropriate direction we want to make best use of them.

We are now asking for research projects/ideas to be submitted to us by you the researchers.

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We would ask that these are submitted to us by 31st August 2019 to be included in this year’s funding. Our Research Advisory Panel will meet to review applications in September.  Please email them to Anton James, the Chair of the Panel, using the email below.

We believe there are lots of areas which we can fund to help with research and, will not be expensive, but will provide invaluable help to research teams.

It appears that we know very little about some of the following:-

  • surveys of what we do/don’t know about how people cope with CMT
  • national availability of orthotics/podiatrists/physiotherapists
  • earlier genetic testing of children
  • outcomes of surgery, fatigue studies
  • purchase of equipment
  • age of onset of symptoms
  • assisting specialists in being “trial ready” and much, much more.

For any research funding given, we will be asking the researcher to provide us with feedback on the research by providing at least one, if not more, articles for our magazine ComMenT.

I should stress that major pre-clinical and clinical research which requires major funds should apply to Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Should any submitted research project appear to be suitable, but outside of our funding reach, our fundraiser may be able to use the details to raise specific funding from grant givers, trusts and individuals.

Thank you.

Anton James
Chair of the Research Advisory Panel

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Last Updated: Monday 21st January, 2019