Thank you to these organisations for their messages of support for CMT Awareness Month…



How is CMT relevant to your organisation?  
“We first learned about CMT when our new website administrator Sarah, who has a son and husband with the condition, joined our team. As we talked about our families and their needs, Sarah explained how CMT affects her loved ones’ daily lives and the symptoms they experience. We then discussed potential solutions, including specialized footwear and cutlery that could benefit children with CMT.”


“I, Sarah, believe that CMT awareness month is crucial, as I am a mother and wife to two individuals with this condition. Raising awareness is essential to educate healthcare professionals to recognize its symptoms. I strongly believe that early diagnosis is vital in slowing down the progression of the disease and maintaining muscle longevity. The Fledglings team takes pride in supporting CMT awareness month and is always available to offer advice on suitable footwear and items for children with CMT.”


How is CMT relevant to your organisation?
– We offer custom made orthotic solutions to support patients with CMT to help to increase regain their freedom of movement and independence. Using a client centred approach, we put the patient at the heart of the decision making when it comes to their orthotic device.

In support of CMT Awareness Month, we will be featuring a series of patient stories on the @dorset-ortho Instagram channel from patients living with CMT, as well as showcasing the different orthotic solutions available. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness of CMT and show others who are newly diagnosed that there are customised solutions available to help people achieve their personal goals and regain their independence.



How is CMT relevant to your organisation?
SpecialKids.Company is the UK distributor for Billy Footwear, which is suitable for people living with CMT. The FlipTop technology allows the wearer to zip their feet in and has changed the lives of many toddlers, children & adults including those wearing splints.

We know how much creating more awareness of CMT means to those living with the condition, so we fully support CMTUK in shining a light on Charcot Marie Tooth disease during CMT Awareness Month and wish them every success during October and beyond.



CMT Awareness Month 2023. The theme is shine a light on CMT

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Last Updated: Monday 30th October, 2023