Michela takes the plunge for brighter future for her loved ones

INSPIRED by her brave loved ones, a Sale swimmer has taken the plunge to raise money for a charity which could provide a lifeline to her unborn children.
Michela Thompson, 26, has completed her first Great Manchester Swim and raised more than £400 for CMT UK, which supports people with the rare neurological condition Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), including her boyfriend Steven Sumner and his mum Karin Rodgers from Timperley.
CMT causes muscle weakness in the lower legs and hands, leading to problems like hammer toes, restricted mobility, uncontrollable pain and carrying out tasks needing fine motor skills. Although it is incurable, people with CMT have a reasonable quality of life with normal life expectancy.
“The charity CMT UK means a lot to me as my boyfriend and his mum suffer from CMT,” said Michela.
“They both have very strong personalities and fight CMT with impeccable strength, but there are many every day challenges that make life hard for them, such as carrying a cup of tea, walking long distances or simply buying a pair of shoes that fits.
“CMT is also genetic so it would mean that there is a high chance that my children will also have the condition. CMT Kids has done so much for children and teenagers that suffer from CMT. The charity organises activities which really build their confidence by helping them undertake challenges such as canoeing and rock climbing and so overcoming obstacles they never thought they could on their own.”
Despite having never done the swim before, losing her cap and getting tangled up in weeds, Michela ploughed on and completed the one mile swim at Salford Quays in just 57 minutes earlier this month.
Michela smashed her fundraising target for the children’s section of the charity, raising £437 so far

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Last Updated: Wednesday 15th June, 2016