You’re not alone when you fundraise. Here are some handy fundraising tips to help maximise your fundraising plan and have some fun in the process.

Who to ask to sponsor you

  • family
  • friends
  • neighbours
  • classmates
  • colleagues
  • employers
  • local companies
  • local pubs
  • local societies

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How to ask people to support you

Enthusiasm is contagious – your positive attitude will rub off on others and help raise sponsorship. Explain why you are raising money, and what CMTUK does.

Set up a fundraising page on Enthuse – set up a personal fundraising page and email it to your entire address book. Make sure you include a photo of you hard at work! Make sure you ask the most generous person to sponsor you first and hopefully everyone else will follow.

Sponsorship forms – to maximise your sponsorship opportunities, we can also provide you with sponsorship forms. Keep them on you at all times as you never know who you will bump into.  Download a customisable one Sponsor Form (a Word document).

Collection boxes – we can provide you with collection boxes. Ask your local a shop or pub if you can leave one on the counter.  Maybe you could go on a Friday night in fancy dress and ask the punters?

Write to local companies for sponsorship, it’s good publicity for them. Offer to display a logo on your t-shirt for a big donation.

How your company or organisation can help

  • matched giving – some companies will match the sponsorship you raise, an easy way to double your sponsorship.
  • organise a one off event in the office
  • put one of our collection boxes or posters in your reception to promote your fundraising
  • advertise in a company newsletter or intranet
  • send the link to your Enthuse page to the office, clients and suppliers

Fundraising ideas

  • pack bags at your local supermarket
  • invite friends for dinner and charge them for the pleasure
  • plan your own fundraising event

The list is endless – and we support you all the way.

Gift Aid

Gift aid is a government run scheme that allows us to reclaim some of your income tax, on any donations you make to us.


Sell yourself! Your local newspaper, radio station or television company can help raise awareness about your fundraising activity – remember they want an interesting story, and maybe some exciting photos. Make sure you include your contact details and a link to your Justgiving page so anyone reading the article can sponsor you.

Contact Paula Hunter, our PR consultant, on or phone her on 07739 989915 and she’ll help you contact your local media.

We are here to support you

In order to provide you with the maximum of support, we have developed a comprehensive guide to our “rules” when it comes to fundraising.  There is nothing particular complicated about these guidelines – but there are certain legalities that you need to abide by; and we prefer that all fundraising undertaken is solely for Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK, and not split between different causes or organisations.   We also expect our fundraisers to abide by our Fundraising Promise which you can find here, and it’a also in the Guidelines.

Download the Fundraising Guidelines 2018

Paying in your funds

And once everything is done and dusted, please sending your money to us by downloading the Paying in form for fundraising 2017 – it also details BACS information for direct transfer to our bank account.

Last Updated: Thursday 8th September, 2022