Payroll Giving

Employers all over Britain are discovering the value and benefits of working together with their staff to help the community. Payroll giving has proved an ideal means to develop supportive relationships with the community and generate a positive public image. It can also help Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK to achieve a regular source of income with which to budget and plan ahead.

Did you know that if you donate £10 a month to Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK from your pay, your gift will only cost you £7.80! The taxman gives us the extra £2.20! It will cost you even less if you are on higher rate tax.

For instance …

…if you pledge to donate £5 each month
…and you pay tax at the 22% rate, you will pay £3.90

…or if you pay tax at the 40% rate, you will pay £3
…the government then adds a further 10% – 50p

…meaning your total donation each month is £5.50
…and your donation to Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK over a whole year will be £66

If you pledge to donate £20, you will pay £15.60 (22% tax rate) or £12 (40% tax rate) and your donation will be worth £264 over the year.

If you are an Employee

All you need to do is click here – complete the secure form, and GivingOnline do all the rest!

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Last Updated: Thursday 17th January, 2019